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  • Floods and high adventure

          Just finished another assignment for The Key, a story to come out in February so I can't give too much away at this time. I'm always amazed at the exciting people I meet as I write and what...
  • The Face of Courage

    The Face of Courage

    Cheers for Kaitlin Roig, teacher at Sandy Hook who saved her 15  first graders by hiding them in a 3'x4' bathroom. I was privileged to write her story in a profile in The Key, the alumnae magazine of...
  • Nanowrimo???

            What on earth is a nanowrimo???? The better question is what will Nanowrimo mean for me, if I make it to the end? Nanowrimo is the annual challenge to writers into write 50,000 words--almost an...

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